• An innovative leader....

Jeremy Kwaterski will tell you that he has been very lucky.

The truth is that Jeremy’s hard work, award-winning innovation, and leadership has built one of the fastest growing technology brands in the nation. With a growing franchise network of over 130 stores, Jeremy is paving the way for small electronics repair and promoting business ownership across the world. Scroll below to find out more!

The Man

Jeremy Kwaterski was born

The Skills


Envisioning Opportunity

In the early 90's, Jeremy had a vision. Cell phones were the expensive brick phones that we all remember, but Jeremy saw the rapid progression of an industry that was poised to have a huge impact on daily living. And he was right.

The Brand

CPR® Cell Phone Repair was founded in Orlando, FL in 1996, and quickly positioned itself as a leader in the electronics repair industry. With over 130 stores operating throughout North and South America, CPR is one of the fastest growing wireless technology franchises in the United States. The CPR® Cell Phone Repair franchise has already won numerous accolades, including being recognized as one of the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for 4 years in a row. CPR has also been listed as one of the Top Fastest Growing Franchises, and and one of the Top Tech Franchises nationwide.

CPR is proud to offer same day repair and refurbishing services for cell phones, laptops, gaming systems, mp3 players, tablets and many other personal electronics. And for customers who do not live close to a physical location, CPR offers world class mail in services instead. CPR is also dedicated to making communities more environmentally sound by providing safe recycling services for unwanted devices.

In addition to CPR's commitment to its customers and communities, CPR is also working hard to give back those that need it most. A portion of CPR® Cell Phone Repair's profits every year are donated to Shriner's Children Hospital, an organization that is saving the lives of thousands of children a year with breakthrough medical care and the love and support they need.

To learn more about a CPR Cell Phone Repair store near you, visit http://cpr-stores.com. To learn more about franchising opportunities and how you can join CPR's incredible journey, please visit http://cpr-franchise.com.

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